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Word to the Wise

From the always-informative Michael Maslanka’s Work Matters blog:  Here is a question plaintiffs’ lawyers like to ask in harassment cases: “Who at the company is responsible for enforcing the company’s anti-harassment policy?” It is really a question about a company’s culture and commitment to policing unlawful behavior. Typical answer: human […]

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It’s Round-Up-Time! New NJ Wage Law Mirrors Federal Provision

For years, NJ and federal law have differed about when and how and employer can “round” start and stop times.  Under the FLSA, employers who use a time clock could  round start and stop times to the nearest five minutes, tenth of an hour, or nearest quarter of an hour.  This takes […]

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It’s CEPA notice time!

Reminder: All NJ employers with at least 10 workers must annually distribute, either in hard copy or electronically, the required notice under the NJ Conscientious Employee Protection Act.  The notice–English and Spanish– is here.    Make sure to fill in the appropriate contact person information before distributing the notice to your employees. […]

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ADA and Ergonomics–Part 3 of 4

In the first two parts of this series, we looked at the ADA’s mandate for reasonable accommodations, and reviewed a reasonable accommodation case study where ergonomics played a leading role. In the next two parts, we will look at some recent court decisions involving ergonomics and reasonable accommodations. According to […]

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NJ Unemployment Law Amended Yet Again

On October 27, 2010,  NJ unemployment law received some administrative amendments.  Most notably, employers will no longer have their accounts charged when benefits are mistakenly paid because of a error by the Division of Unemployment and TDI.  However, since the Governor refused to sign the original bill presented, because it […]

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Ann Kiernan is an employment lawyer who has been practicing law in New Jersey for more than 30 years. She represents only employers and management and regularly provides management training companies big and small. Employment law is constantly changing, and Ann is familiar how these changes affect employers. To keep up-to-date and learn what issues are currently affecting businesses and employers in New Jersey, read the blog.

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