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Here, updated for 2015, is the list of NJ and federal employment law poster requirements.  I’ve added distribution and acknowledgement requirements, as well.

All of the posters are available for free from the State and the Feds, so why pay a poster company big $$$ for them? 

Required Posters 2015 

New Jersey Law:

 The following required posters from the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development are distributed in the Employer Poster Packet, available at

Wage & Hour Law Abstract                           CEPA (whistleblower)

Payment of Wages                                           Family Leave Insurance

UI & DI Law                                                  Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements

Child Labor Laws (if applicable)                     Gender Equity Notice

If you have more than 25 employees, you must also post the NJ SAFE Act notice, also available in the Employer Poster Packet.

All New Jersey employers must post a No Smoking sign at the public entrance, available at  They must also display a Workers’ Compensation notice, available through the insurance carrier.

In addition, all New Jersey employers also are required to post the Employment poster from the NJ Division on Civil Rights, available from:   If you have more than 50 employees, you must also post the DCR Family Leave poster.  Further, if your company is a place of public accommodation (i.e., you regularly meet there in person with customers, clients, or patients), you must display the DCR Public Accommodations poster in the waiting room or other place accessible to the public.

Distribution and Acknowledgement Requirements: 

NJ FLI: Must be distributed to new hires, to any employee upon his/her first request for the notice, and to employees who give their employer notice of family leave.  May be distributed electronically

CEPA: Employers with 10 or more employees must distribute notice to all New Jersey employees annually.  May be distributed electronically.  Notice must be in English, Spanish and at the employer’s discretion, any other language spoken by the majority of the employer’s employees.  Employers must also “use other appropriate means”  (e.g. employee handbook) to keep their employees informed about their rights under the law.

RRR:  Must be distributed to new hires.  May be distributed by email.

Gender Equity: Must be distributed in English and Spanish to new hires, to any employee upon his/her first request for the notice, and to all employees annually on or before December 31 of each year.  Employee must return written acknowledgement within 30 days that the employee has received the notice and has read and understands its terms.  Distribution and acknowledgement may be electronic.

Federal law:

Federal law mandates the posting of notices on:

Minimum Wage Job Safety and Health Protection
Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act Equal Employment Opportunity (15 or more employees)
Employee Polygraph Protection Family/Medical Leave Act (50 or more employees)


The Equal Employment Opportunity poster is available from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at:   The other federal posters are available from the U.S. Department of Labor at:  Federal contractors have additional posting requirements, as shown on the DOL matrix.

Under HIPAA, healthcare providers who submit claims electronically must post their Notice of Privacy Practices in the waiting room or other area where all patients can see it.


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